Rig Equipment > HT-2 Tubing Hanger

Manufacturer : Baker Hughes
Quantity :1
Location : Singapore
Condition : New Unused
Availabilty : For Sale
Reference# : –


OEM Part Number: AA1447679
HT-2 18-3/4” Tubing Hanger with pup joint.
Unit was manufactured in 2020, preserved and unused

Bore Size: 5” Production Outlet & Concentric Main/through bore
5 1/2” 17 lbs/ft JFE Bear Box Thread
Tubing Hanger with pup joint: 6,200 PSI
Tubing Hanger without pup joint: 10,000 PSI
Temp Class U (-18°C to 121°C)
HH Trim (low alloy steel F22 base metal with 625 CRA)

1-off downhole hydraulic line (SCSSV)
1-off downhole electrical line for DHPT
Wet Mate Receptacle type Electrical connector on the side of the hanger
Facility to fit 2-off crown plugs in tubing hanger body
5.383” Lower Crown Plug
5.910” Upper Crown Plug
c/w UCP, LCP and DHPT fitting

Rig Equipment > HT-2 Tubing Hanger

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