Rig Equipment > HT-2 18-3/4 Horizontal 5” x 2” XT.

Manufacturer : Baker Hughes
Quantity :1
Location : Singapore
Condition : New Unused
Availabilty : For Sale
Reference# : –


HT-2 18-3/4 Horizontal 5” x 2” Xmas Tree
Manufactured in 2020, unused and preserved

Configuration: Horizontal
Design Pressure: 10K PSI
Design Temperature:
Class U (0°F TO 250°F / -18°C TO 121°C) Upstream of Choke
Class P-U (-20°F TO 250°F / -29°C TO 121°C) Downstream including Choke
Water Depth Rating: 650m – limited by 2” Actuator
Design Code: API 6A / 17D
Material Class: HH Production – EE Annulus
Hydraulic Pressure;
HP: 10000 psi
LP: 5000 psi
Installation: Guideline-less
XT Mandrel: 18-3/4″ H4
XT Connector: 18-3/4” HT-H4
Flowline / Annulus Connection: 5-1/8” API 6A BX 169 10K fixed flange (Diver Connection) / 2” 10K API fixed flange (Diver Connection)

SCM SEMSTAR 5, Dual SEM’s Control
Signal on Power Comms philosophy

Dual HP and LP supply, Open Loop System (went to sea)
Fluid HW443 R

Electrical: Voltage 600V, 1 A (max), 50 Hz
4 Pin ODI connectors (top of SCM)

Downhole Interfaces;
1 off Downhole Pressure & Temperature (Serial)
1 off SCSSV

4 off Dual U/DPTT (Production)
1 off Dual APPT (Annulus)
1 off Acoustic Sand Detector
1 off TT (Sea Water)
1 of Dual PT (Bore)
1 of Choke Position Indicator
(Note: 4-20mA and Can-BUS SIIS compliant)

Come with;
Insert retrievable production choke valve
2 off Chemical Injection Metering Valves (CIMV)
Tubing hanger and upper/lower crown plugs available
Integrated fishing protection structure and debris canopy

Rig Equipment > HT-2 18-3/4 Horizontal 5” x 2” XT.

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