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Singapore 629877
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HP Leg Jetting System (Vantage)

Supplying of high pressure material and skilled manpower for shop fabrication few spools of high pressure line system.

Mud Pump Room High Pressure Piping (Songa Offshore)

Supplying of high pressure materials and skilled manpower to fabricate and complete the high pressure piping (testing pressure 7500 PSI) and manifold complete with removal of old pipes and installation of new fabricated pipes onboard.

Pressure Tanks (Songa Offshore)

Supplying of materials and skilled labour for shop fabrication of ASME coded pressure tanks and delivery within Singapore.

• OD 3658 X 5736 H
• Capacity-45.0238 m³

Storage Tanks (GSK)

To remove existing tanks and shop fabrication of new storage tanks for installation in GSK plant.

• OD 3500 X 7000H