3 Benoi Road Lvl 5
Singapore 629877
+65 6266 5727

Managing Director’s Message

With a solid business portfolio, Maps has always and will keep delivering robust and healthy growth. We always keep a close watch on the emerging market trends to identify upcoming growth. We are committed to achieve innovation and excellence, with our ability, to connect and respond to a changing world.

Maps personnel have been in the oil and gas industry for the past 20 years, imposing no limits to our commitment of achieve our goals. Built on the principles of hard work, integrity and a strong desire to succeed, Maps will continue these values on many years to come.

We strive to meet our customers tight time schedule and also within their budget. Focusing on getting the job done so that everybody can proceed with their drilling with as little downtime as possible.

As I look through the growth of Maps Offshore over the years in the oil and gas industry, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved today. I am here today to give thanks to all my friends and customers for what Maps Offshore have become. Because of you, Maps is possible.